Southern Pride Coming to a Bike Fest Near You

Confederate Flag Hoodie

Biker Wear USA presents the utmost in fashion and style for the Southern bred rebel. Also called the Battle Flag or Navy Jack, the Confederate Flag has long stood as a symbol of Southern pride. Coming to a motorcycle rally near you, take a sneak peek at our pullover Fleece sweatshirts:

For wholesale inquiries from motorcycle festival vendors and retailers, please contact These Confederate Flag Pullover Sweatshirts are a hot item, so be sure to stock up in advance of your next bike fest.

Southern Pride Designs

The Second Amendment Issued My Gun Permit. It Will Never Expire.

For the biker, motorcycle rider, or just general rebel, Biker Wear USA’s Confederate Flag Hoodie also comes with Southern Pride sayings and emblems on the back. As one particular biker put it, these designs are pretty reckless!

ANTI ISIS – Just Try Me
Don’t Hide Your Southern Pride

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