Men’s Shirt – Denim Shirt w/ Cut Off Sleeves – Orange

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Men’s Biker Shirts – 100% Denim Cotton – Orange

Get your Orange Denim Cut Off Shirt today! These are true Biker style, with frayed sleeves, a button down collar, and two button down breast pockets.

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At Biker Wear USA we know that motorcycle enthusiasts love denim jeans, denim shirts, denim vests, denim purses for the ladies, denim jackets, etc. That’s why our 100% Denim Shirts with Cut Off Sleeves in Orange is such a popular item. These shirts have cut off frayed sleeves, which definitely has the badass biker look. These denim  sleeveless shirts are button down shirts with collars and two button down breast pockets. These orange denim shirts are available in plus size up to 5XL at no extra price.

Men’s Orange Denim Cut Off Shirt – 100% Cotton

Many competitors make similar shirts, but they are cheap knockoffs. The Men’s Denim Shirt with Cut Off Sleeves in Orange by Biker Wear USA is the real deal! Our denim shirts with cut off sleeves are made from 100% Cotton, which means they are light and breathable, yet durable. The cut off sleeves increase your range of motion, making it easier to reach handlebars. The bright color also increase your visibility on the road, making your ride safer.

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